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Sophia Richards  Dedicated Agent  Long and Foster


Presenting Sophia Richards, a real estate sensation with a unique blend of experience and innovation. Sophia is not only an acclaimed real estate advisor but also a proud supporter of the National Football Legend Real Estate Network. Her commitment to exceptional customer service, spanning before, during, and long after a transaction, sets her apart in the bustling real estate industry.

Sophia launched her real estate career in 2003, and her journey since then has been nothing short of remarkable. Alongside her real estate practice, she owned a prominent title company in Rockville, MD, for several years. This dual experience has given her a unique perspective on real estate transactions and enabled her to adapt swiftly to the industry's rapid growth and changes.

As an advisor for the National Football Legend Real Estate Network, Sophia combines her love for football with her passion for real estate. She believes in the power of teamwork, strategy, and dedication, both on the football field and in the real estate market.

Sophia Richards is more than just a real estate advisor; she's a dedicated partner in your real estate journey. Her extensive experience, unparalleled customer service, and continued commitment to her clients long after a transaction has concluded make her an outstanding choice for your real estate needs. With Sophia, you're not just buying or selling a home; you're gaining a lifelong real estate partner.

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